This is a list of Design Enhanced products that are for sale in the Second Life Marketplace

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Role Play Tools

Sand Timer
Have a dead-line in a historical role play setting?
Compass HUD
Exploring? Sailing? Know which way you are going at a glance.
Chore Work Tracker
Know how much time your workers are working
Story Teller
Semi-automatic presentation of a story or lecture to a group via the chat window.

Amazon River Collection

Compass HUD
Getting all turned around and lost in the jungle? Know which way you are going at a glance..
Amazon Tribute Payments
See Prototype Projects below
Art of War book
Required reading for your raid commanders perhaps?

Prototype Projects

Contact me if you would like to be a beta tester for any of these

Amazon Tribute Payments
Track debts owed to your Amazon River tribe/group for Combat/Capture roleplay.
HTML Panel
Combines media on a prim with an in-world http server to show a webpage read from a notecard.
Agent Detect and Track
An agent tracking server with plugable client products.
Quadcoptor Taxi
Scale up a quadcoptor drone and you get a 21st century flying taxi.
Fox & Hounds
A game of Hide and Seek (or Hunter/Fugitive if you prefer), played across many regions
Motion Dance Floor
Circular dance floor with changing textures
Voting Booth v2
Allow your role playing residents to elect people to jobs or vote on laws and policies.

Kits & Tools for Builders

Building your own home or region? You may find these useful.

Info Panels - HUD or Display
A three panel information board for your customers or visitors with slide show capabilities.
One Way Teleporter
Great for multi-floor homes or quick jumps up to a skybox and back down.
Simple Window Tint
Lightweight script for one or multiple linked windows.
Interactive Visitor Map
Great way to orient visitors to where places of interest are on your land
Announcement Bot
Greet your visitors or remind them of events about to start.

Home Furnishing and Accessories

Extra's for home interiors and exteriors.

A large round kite that moves around in the sky anywhere you can rez.
Picture-plex Display Frame
Smooth scrolling of one or more selectable groups of your pictures.
Pool Float
Pool float that drifts randomly around your pool
Art of War book
Functioning book with Sun Tzu's classic text on war.
Five Panel Picture
One image spread across 5 panels.

Interesting and Fun

Items to enhance your travels and life

Dance Hoop
The hoop is back! Great for dancers and parties