Manage tribute payments owed to you by captives

Combat and capture is a popular part of roleplay in the Amazon River regions of Second Life. This is a ledger that tracks debts owed and paid when a captured person is released with a promise to pay some amount of coins, arrows or food at a future time as a tribute to the captor.

How the system works

Making a Deal

When the winner of a fight finds that the captive does not have enough things of value that they can pay to gain their immediate release, the captor can offer them a deal where the captive promises to paid some amount at a later time. The agreement is entered into the captor's Tribute Agreement Book.

The agreement includles:

  1. What is to be paid (one of the following:
    • Coins
    • Arrows
    • Gold or gems
    • Prepared foods
    • Raw foods
  2. When total payment is due.
  3. What tribe or group the person is a member of.

When the captive accepts, the terms of the deal are recorded in a ledger (web-base database).

Making Tribute Payments

When the captive agrees to the deal, they receive a Tribute Payment Chest. Payments are made by rezzing the chest on the ground and then dragging and dropping the agreed upon items into the chest. The item is transfered to the captor and the ledger entry for the deal is updated. The captive can make payments at anytime and anyplace.

When they have finished, they are told if the tribute has been paid in full.

Even though a Payment Chest is given to each captive everytime they make a deal, all Payment Chests are identical and only one is needed in a person's inventory. Touching a Payment Chest will list all the Tributes that its owner owes to all captors.

Status and History

A captor can check the status of tributes owned by touching their Tribute Agreement Book. A link to a webpage is provided that allows viewing of all active and prior tributes. Status information includes:

  • Who was captured
  • What group they are associated with
  • Who captured them
  • What has been paid so far.

The information can be sorted by: date, person, group and who captured them.

After a payment is complete, it is archived. Archived records eventually age out and are deleted. You can view a sample report HERE

If you are a member of a tribe or faction, you can see all the tributes owed to other members of your group. This is useful for identifing dead-beats -- those that always claim to not have any thing of value on them when captured and always promise to pay a later. You can adjust what you do with them when captued accordingly.

Setup and Configuration

The only configuration that is required is for the owner of the Tribute Agreement Book to set their tribe or group membership.

No configuration is required for the Tribute Payment Chest.

Tribute Agreement Books Permissions: Copy, No Modfy, No Transfer, scripts are No Modify

Tribute Payment Chest Permissions: Copy, No Modfy, Transfer, scripts are No Modify

Land Impact: 1 each