The Agent Detect and Track System is currently in development and only availble for beta testing for regions that qualify.

AD&T Core

The AD&T system consists of the AD&T core server and one or more application specific subsystems.

The AD&T core provides an agent detection function that is common to many products. It detects the entry and exit of agents for 3D 'boxes' or zones in your region or parcel and then passes this information to the subsystem applications that have registered to be notified about activity in one or more of the configured boxes.

Application Subsystems

Each of these subsystems is purchased separately from the AD&T Core.

Traffic Monitor

Gather information about where and when visitors spend time in your region or parcel.

The results are viewed on a web page. See sample report

RLV WindLight Controller

Use RLV enabled viewers of agents to enforce specific Windlight conditions based on where an agent is. Or, create a custom day/night cycle with any length of day. Great for forcing "no light" conditions for when visitors enter a basement or cave, thus requiring the use of a carried light or limited lighting from torches or occasional light bulbs.

RLV Zone Controller

Place different RLV restrictions on agents based on where they are in the region.

Permissions: Copy, Modify, No Transfer; Script is Copy, No Modify, No Transfer

Prims: 1