A tube float for your pool that drifts around.

This tube float will slowly drift around your pool staying within the pool edges (you tell it the shape and size).

The speed of float movement slows way down when no one is using it to avoid unnecessary script time. And rotation is performed in the viewer to avoid load on the simulator.

Choose from several built-in float textures or easily add and adjust the appearance of a texture of your own.

Includes six one-person animations.

Permissions: Copy, Modify, No Transfer

Land Impact: 1


Configuration parameters are contained in the title of a notecard. Here are some examples: All Configuration is contained in the title or name of this notecard

Notecard Title: "CONFIG" Shape X_size Y_size "HOLLOW" HollowPercent "LEGS" LegExtension
  CONFIG BOX 10.0 8.0 HOLLOW 95.0 LEGS 0.6
  CONFIG CYLINDER 16.0 10.0 HOLLOW 80.0 LEGS 0.8

Shape is the pool's shape and must be either RECT or ROUND (In the edit panel a prim's Hollow Shape may be Square or Circle, but you can make rectangles or ellipses by changing the X and Y sizes).

X-size and Y_size are the pool prim's X and Y sizes

HollowPercent is the value for Hollow setting for the pool prim.

LegExtension is the distance that an avatar's legs extend past the edge of the float. This is set to match the animation included with the float.

Making any change to the notecard title will cause the script to reset and read the notecard configuration again. You will then prompted to reposition the float to the center of the pool.