Round Kite

This is a round kite inspired by the huge Day of the Dead kites seen in Guatemala. A crystal skull texture is included, but of course you can use any texture you want.


Note: This kite does not react to the Second Life wind.


Where the kite will fly ...

  1. Configuration information is provide in the name of a notecard in the Kite's Contents. The BOX notecard in the Contents defines the coordinates of the 3D space in which the kite will move about.
    1. Rez the included Kite Box Corner Coordinate Finder object and position it in the sky where you want the kite. This is a semi-transparent pink box.
    2. Then edit the box and stretch and move it to the shape and location where you want the kite.
    3. When you touch the box it will print the coordinates that you should use for naming the BOX notecard.
    4. You can then delete the box object
  2. Rename the notecard: "BOX Configure with the Kite Box Corner Coordinate Finder", becomes what the Coordinate Finder tool printed in chat.
    such as: "BOX 223.2 100.9 97.8 ~ 226.0 103.5 100.2", where the numbers are the x/y/z corners of the area: "BOX xx yy zz ~ xx yy zz", or

  3. Once you rename the notecard, the kite script will reset and the kite will move into position.

The Kite Post for the string ...

A kite post is included and you can rez it anywhere you want. There are two ways to connect the string from the kite.

The kite string will be connected to this post.

The Kite Texture

Just place the texture you want into the kite's contents. If more than one happens to be there, the first one listed will be used.

The kite has L.I. of 5. and the post's L.I. is 1.

Permissions: Copy, Modify, No Transfer