Automate presentation of a story or instructional class

Story Teller is a tool that will help you plan and present a story, lecture or instructions that are to be typed in chat for a group to 'listen' to.

While the primary focus of this product is the chat window, there is an optional screen that can display textures to compliment the talk, similar to illustrations that might appear every few pages in a book.

This system has three components

Fail Safe Presentations

A reality of online presentations is that network problems can cause the presenter to go off-line for a few minutes or indefinitely. The Story Teller system is designed prevent this from being too disruptive to your audience.

Once the story server is rezzed in-world anyone with a Story Teller HUD can access it and start, or continue, a presentation should the original presenter crash or need to leave.

The Story Teller Server will accept the first user to request control as the "Controlling User". Every few seconds the Story Server will check to see if the Controlling User is still present and if not:


Having this flexibility for multiple presenters to be able to take over for someone that leaves, or having the story server continue without any one controlling it; does make the product more complicated that it would as a single user product. But I opted for this approach to have the least disruption for the audience.

Multiple Stories To Be Told?

There may be situations where you will want to present 2 or three stories. You can rez the Story Servers for all the stories to be presented ahead of time.

Then you "Scan for Servers", you will be able to select which one you want to take control of and make "Active" to present its story.

When that story is complete, just scan again and select another server.

Don't have rez rights?

If you can't rez the Story Server, you can "Add" it as a viewer HUD. The Server will resize to fit on the HUD and work with the Story Teller HUD.

When the Story Teller Server is attached, you will need to position your avatar so you are within 20 meters of everyone in your audience.

Detailed Information and User Guide

Story Teller HUD

The HUD works with one or more rezzed Story Servers (more about this later).

The icons on the HUD are touch buttons that allow you to:

Single Step - Show the next paragraph and then pause.

Autoplay - Automatically play each paragraph pausing long enough for the text to be read.

Timed Pause- The story is in a timed pause. It will automatically resume autoplay after the specified time

Manual Pause - To story is waiting for the play or step button to be pressed.

Story Server

Each Story Server is loaded with one story to be presented.

Display Screen

Chat Window Screen Capture


There are a number of Control Codes that can be added to the story notecard to enhance the presentation. Learn about them on the configuration page.

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