Visitor Map for Region or Parcel

Perfect in your sim welcome area to highlight all the important or interesting places in your region. Visitors can touch the map and a pointer will move to the spot and text (above the pointer) will identify the location.

Of course it does not have to be a full region. It works just as well for any size parcel.

The product includes a built-in assistant for defining the touch areas. And after a few minutes of no use, the pointer will return to a "You are here!" location you have defined for the map.

Touching the pointer itself will change the text color for best visibility against the map background.

Or visitors can touch the optional directory listing and the pointer will move to that location.

Two Versions

You can use just the map base where visitors explore by touching the map.

Or or add a directory panel with a listing of places. When a place name is touched the map pointer moves to that spot.

The Map

You can let the script grab an image of your region from the SecondLife servers, or supply a texture you make yourself. Making one yourself may be the best choice if you have a lot of skyboxes, or you want more details to be visible. But this will require some image editing skills.

The configuration page has instructions for using your own image.

Defining Areas of Interest

Areas of interest are defined a notecard with "CONFIG" as the first part of the notecard name. The script has a build-in tool to help you define these areas and provide you with the correctly formatted line to be added to the notecard.

Please see configuration page for more information and examples.

You Are Here!

If no one touches the map for a minute, the pointer will move to the first area defined in the CONFIG file. By placing the Map at this physical location, you can create a "You Are Here!"" reference.

Resizing for Areas Other than Regions

If your area is not a square region or parcel, you will need to create your own image for the map. Once you have that, you can add configuration for the width/height (aspect Ratio) of your image and the size of the map will be adjusted to match the proportions of the map image.

The Directory

You can just use the Map and pointer, but also included is a version with an additional prim where you can place a directory listing of places.

You will need to create the texture for this prim. But once you do so, the configuration is just like defining the locations.

More details about this on the configuration page

Three Prims with 2 L.I.

Permissions: Copy, Modify, No Transfer