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Fox and Hounds

A Game of Hide and Seek

Fox and Hounds is basically a game of hide and seek played in Second Life. It can be enjoyed just as just a game or combined with role playing scenarios. The action is more like a Fugitive on the run from bounty Hunters, and those terms are used to describe the roles.

The game can be played on any of the 'mainland' continents. And there are also rules and features designed to make it a fair game fair for both Hunter and Fugitive. Most importantly, it is intended to be as realistic as possible.

The Background Story

One person is the Fugitive and is can go about normal Second Life activities. But as as active Fugitive, they may be hunted at any time. Up to three Hunters can select an active Fugitive from a list and start tracking them. In this game the Fugitive has been implanted with an old style radio beeper like those collars that wild animals are fitted with. No GPS here, you can't go right to the place where the Fugitive is. Hunters use a radio direction finder that shows strength of signal and bearing to the Fugitive.

Initially the signal may be so weak that an accurate bearing is not possible. So Hunters must use the strength of signal indicator to know if they are getting closer or farther away from the Fugitive, (which may be as much as a kilometer away). When the Hunter gets closer, a stronger signal allows a pointer to the Fugitive to become active on the HUD.

But we also assume that the Hunters have brought dogs along to aid in the tracking when they get close. And so, when a Hunter does get close, the Fugitive will hear the sound of barking dogs and know they need to be more careful about strangers approaching. This is the dividing line in the game between "tracking" the Fugitive and "pursuing" them. (This is also the point at which game scoring starts).

Once the pursuit begins, the Hunter will win by simply bumping into the Fugitive. The Fugitive wins by evading the Hunter for 20 minutes. (This time is configurable and may be changed to improve gameplay).

Rules to make the game fair and more Realistic

  • No super-hero skills such as flying, or jumping off of buildings or cliffs, or walking underwater.
  • No use of radar or maps to help locate a person.
  • No zooming your camera to see far away.
  • No teleporting.
  • The game is intended to be played while walking or running on the ground, however vehicles are allowed some situations.

When a player has RLV enabled for their viewer, these rules can be automatically enforced. If RLV is not enabled then you are restricted to playing the game in "Friends" mode.

Learn more about rules, restrictions and penalties at the bottom of this page.

"It's the journey not the destination"

Before getting into too many of the details of the game, I'd like to suggest that there are two ways to view this game.

As a Hunter:

  1. It's just a mad chase to catch the Fugitive. Trying to go in a straight line as fast as you can, back-tracking and going round obstacles only when necessary.
  2. It's more like stalking your prey. You need to get closer, but are willing to take a slower, perhaps longer approach. Remember the rules about no use of maps, radar and camera limits? This means the fugitive only has line-of-sight visibility of you. So should you approach slowly, perhaps hiding behind buildings or natural terrain features, to get very close before running at them?

As a Fugitive:

  1. Do you just pick random places to start the game?
  2. Do you travel around the continents exploring and looking for the best hiding places? Do you choose an island, a mountain top or a busy urban area.

Is this a game of chase, tactics or strategy?

The Second Life Mainland regions are a vast space filled with many interesting and creative builds. Whether Fugitive or Hunter, you will discover new places that you might never know about just by using Search to explore SL.

Friends vs Strangers

Phases of the Game

Playing as a Fugitive

Playing as a Hunter

Technical Details, Restrictions and Penalties

Permissions: Copy, No Modfy, No Transfer

Prims: 1

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