Announcement Bot

This cute little guy flies around your parcel or sim and makes announcements to visitors.



  1. Rez the box and position it somewhere out of the way. This will be it's home position where it will return to after flying around and making announcements.
  2. Determine the area where you want the bot to detect people.
  3. The default is to notify everyone in the same parcel the bot is in. But you can set it to announcement in a smaller or large area....

    1. Find the notecards "LOWER_CORNER x y z" and "UPPER_CORNER x y z" in the folder and move into the Bot's Contents.
    2. Insert the lower left and upper right x/y/z corners of the area you want to detect people
      • LOWER_CORNER 215 100 98
      • UPPER_CORNER 230 118 101

      Tip: Set the lower Z value at ground level, not what the top status line shows for your avatar.

      You can walk around and get the coordinates or (if the area is not that large), use the included "Bot Box Coordinate Finder" to determine the area where you want the bot to detect people.

  4. You can use the SOUND notecard to set the volume of the jet engine sound effect. "SOUND 50" will set the sound to 50%
  5. The INSTANCE notecard is used when you want to have multiple bots announcing different events. Just increment the number for each new one you rez.
  6. When you have the notecards all set
    1. Touch the bot to get the owner's menu and select "Configure"
    2. Create your announcement on the web page
    3. Touch the bot again and select "Download" from the menu.

If you need to change the Bot's home position

  1. Move it to it's new location.
  2. Right click on the bot and select: More->More->Scripts->Reset Scripts
  3. Now, touch it and select "Download" to restore the announcement message.

5 LI, Permissions: Copy, Modify, No Transfer;